Responsive intranet solution for Bechtel’s 58,000 employees worldwide.


With 58,000 employees scattered across the globe, Bechtel needed a way to unite and connect. The large scale construction, project management, and engineering company was concerned with the remoteness of their employees in the field — and asked for a solution that was not only engaging, but also responsive to mobile devices.

P R O J E C T  R O L E

Established structure and layout for Bechtel’s employee intranet. Thought through functionality and ways to make interactions compelling and engaging for users.

Title: Graphic Designer
Client: Bechtel
Agency: The Boston Group
Year: 2014





Rewarded interaction, user generated content, easy administrative review, community involvement, and more.

The home area of the site was designed based around Bechtel’s pre-existing brand and use of a loose Fibonacci grid structure. Taking this grid and re-arranging it into buttons allowed easy travel through the site.

The content is user generated, and rewarded through a point system accrued through community involvement. Project stories use the profile images of all involved to mosaic an image of the completed construction. An easy administrative back-end creates hassle free story and image approval.