Pediatric Wayfinding

A family friendly hospital experience

Hospitals aren’t typically the most fun places. The people are nice, but the environment is strange, sterile, and generally not kid friendly. The idea behind redesigning the Wayfinding at Nationwide Children’s Hospital was to design a system for patients, parents, and siblings. By creating a friendly and easily traversable environment, everyone would feel more at ease in an unfamiliar space.

A child friendly icon system, activity book, and color coded floor, makes the hospital a place for children both learn their surroundings and feel comfort in knowing where they are.

Winner of “Best of Category – Visual Communication Design”
Ohio State Department of Design 2009 Spring Exhibition.

P R O J E C T  R O L E

Designed full children’s hospital wayfinding system including: 25 custom icons, map and floor system, signage,  mascot, visitor badge/game card, and hospital logo refinement.

Title: Designer/Illustrator
Client: Nationwide
Year: 2009