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Just for fun

I’ve always been a fan of cemeteries. So when we moved closer to Harvard Square in Cambridge, I decided to visit the local Old Burial Ground established in 1635. I’d never seen letters and carvings so unique or beautiful. Now I travel all over looking for the oldest gravestones I can find. Below you will find art and fonts inspired by my favorite New England cemeteries.

'Cicely', ‘Richard Frances’, and ‘Jonathan Whitney’ are fully functioning OTF fonts.


Follow the ongoing project on Instagram @faunted_ or visit my Etsy store

harvard_flowers copy.webp
Cicely_Font3-05 copy.webp
Cicely_Font3-03 copy.webp
Cicely_Font3-04 copy.webp
Cicely_Font3-06 copy.webp
Cicely_Font3-02 copy.webp
Cicely_Font3-01 copy.webp
boards3-36 copy.webp
boards3-15 copy.webp
boards3-44 copy.webp
boards3-08 copy.webp
walter_and_elizabeth_edited copy.webp
Screen-Shot-2020-10-17-at-1_52_02-PM-2048x1590 copy.webp
Screen-Shot-2020-10-17-at-1_51_34-PM-2048x426 copy.webp
Screen-Shot-2020-10-17-at-1_56_20-PM-2048x1402 copy.webp
boards3-22 copy.webp
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