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My IT Galaxy

Client: Eaton

Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide

Role: Sr. Art Director

Eaton’s Power Quality division does a yearly campaign to engage with their I.T. pro audience.
We had fun making an interstellar quiz and accompanying planet pinball game and comprehensive report from our survey results.

The quiz and game were broken up into a two-phase promotion outlined below.


Global Ace Awards 2021
Winner Demand Generation Campaign
Runner Up Craft — Art Direction


PRO Awards 2021
Bronze Winner  Best B2B Campaign

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Phase 1: Create your planet

IT Pros are invited to answer a questionnaire that generates a custom planet that can be downloaded as a detailed infographic, wallpapers, and sharable content. Users can also see how their answers stack up against their peers across the rest of the I.T. galaxy.

Welcome_Desktop copy.webp
Q3_Desktop copy.webp
Stats_Sample_Desktop copy.webp
Compare_Desktop copy.webp

Phase 2: Play Planet Pinball

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IT Pros are invited back to use their custom planet as the pinball in an intergalactic battle of the paddles. The game's storyline highlights product features and extra lives are rewarded to the player for correctly answering product familiarity questions. Players could win prizes and challenge their friends to beat their high scores.

Intro_Desktop_1 copy.webp
Welcome_Desktop-Copy-5 copy.webp

Let's see what we learned

After the promotion ended we put everything together in a highly stylized infographic report.

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screencapture-switchon-eaton-IT-Galaxy-Insights-2020-07-30-12_00_13 copy.webp
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