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Client: Eaton 

Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide

Role: Associate Creative Director, Design

CTV spot for Eaton concepted around the idea "What would IT Pros do if they switched to Eaton products and as a result had more free time?"

The answer, of course, is knit adorable outfits for their Eaton desk toys.

(It's better with the sound on)

Creative Director: Richard Shideler

ACD Writer: Zach DeLuca

ACD Designer: Chrissy Raftery

Producer: Cristine Santo

Filming/Editing: New Leaf

As an extension of the campaign, we created puzzles for our IT Pros to do in all their newly found free time. Two were interactive rich media puzzles, and the rest were paid and organic social posts on Reddit, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

As a bonus, we packaged all the puzzles and answer keys as a downloadable PDF.

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