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IT: The Next Frontier

Client: Eaton

Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide

Role: Associate Creative Director, Design

My third year working on the very fun Eaton power quality promotion targeting overworked IT pros in the SMB and Enterprise space.

This year we kept the space theme the client loved and made a game for the SMB IT pros, and a landing page full of content for our Enterprise IT pros. But also promoted the recent acquisition of Tripp Lite by introducing a new desk toy and messaging around the next frontier of IT made possible by the union of two great companies.

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The Game

A point-and-click-inspired adventure game where you have to find the Eaton products you need to get back to Earth. Players explore a multi-room spaceship with fun easter eggs, a robotic arm, IT-inspired puzzles, and a devilish plot to keep you in space forever.

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The Landing Page

 The page consisted of messaging around the acquisition, a parallax experience with messaging around how you prepare your teams for the future of IT, links to more resources, and the game experience.

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