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Red Bull Arcade

Client: Red Bull

Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide

Role: Associate Creative Director

Red Bull and Jack Morton have been creating an arcade experience for PAX East attendees for several years. The pandemic threw a wrench in 2021 arcade planning and we needed a new concept. So instead of building a small arcade experience from the ground up at PAX East, we had a pop-up in an actual arcade. Not just any arcade, but VERSUS in downtown Boston.


The theme of the night was RED VS BLU. We assigned attendees a team at entry and tasked them with earning points by challenging opposing team members to games. From skee ball to Ms. Pac Man, they dueled, scored, and won points for their team. The venue was fitted with lights that changed to reflect the color of the team that was in the lead (red or blue). Throughout the night all members of the high scoring team were awarded prizes.

We also had a scavenger hunt, drink wheel, DJs, and Bowser-inspired LED wristbands.

Chosen creative direction


Event concepts

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