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Server room of Doom

Client: Eaton

Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide

Role: Associate Creative Director, Design


My fifth year working on the very fun Eaton power quality promotion targeting overworked IT pros.

This year we made a 1980's text-based adventure game, to hit all the nostalgic feels our IT Pros love. As part of the promotion, we updated our previous landing page to highlight the game and include new customized content, while continuing to leverage last year's comics and infographic.

The video is best with the sound on!

A spine-tingling IT adventure!

Our text-based adventure game was true to retro tech (we have the VT100 terminal max width specs and midi soundtrack to prove it) while weaving Eatons products into the story. The game had 5 separate tracks that aligned to Eaton's 6 target audiences: Retail, Healthcare, Data Center, Enterprise, Small Business, and Manufacturing.

LP Wizard Popup – 17.png
LP Wizard Popup – 18.png
LP 5 - mobile - Wizard – 5.png

We mapped out and wrote the game experience using Miro. This flow chart layout let us see how decisions would impact players, eliminating dead ends and looping gameplay.

We also updated our landing page to highlight the game style while including last year's Tales and infographic content.

While the game and site dev was in progress, we blew out paid and organic media assets for desktop, mobile, and social display. Showing one of each of the HTML banners below, but we made both in five sizes in addition to several social assets.

And IT Pros are loving it! Some samples below of feedback our client received after launch:

"I learned to not be greedy, but honestly a fun way to advertise products and not baby your core demo of IT professionals. You have a robust catalog and the variety of fun ways to you integrated the products into the adventure was hilarious and thoughtful." 


"Honestly was an amazing break from a busy day. Eaton has always made things fun and enjoyable. Your marketing is fantastic and the products match."


"All the geeky humor.  Obvious that your team took time to write a great story." 


"Eaton continues to push the envelope on unique material and ways to engage. From children's books, lore maps, and now games... I can't think of any other company in this space at the moment that even comes close. Please please please continue to lead by example and continue to ensure IT companies can be something other than boring and dry."  

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