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IT After Dark

Client: Eaton

Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide

Role: Sr. Art Director

IT pros work long hours. So our promotion gives them something fun to fill not only 9-5, but also 5-9.

We created a hub filled with fun things for IT pros to do, day and night. Including a 2D platformer game, Dream Gallery, desk-ercises, playlists, a fun hotline to call, sleep report, and much more.


Effie Awards 2022
Gold Business-to-Business Services


2022 Pro Awards
Gold Best B2B Campaign

Bronze Best Integrated Campaign


Reggie Awards 2022
Gold Digital, Social or Mobile Marketing
Silver B2B Marketing


Global Ace Award 2022
Silver Integrated Marketing Campaigns ($250k-$1M Budget)


Hatch Awards 61
Silver Brands Amplified

Silver Digital


B2 Awards 2022
Silver Integrated Marketing Program: Large Enterprise

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IT After Dark Hub

Daytime site from 4:04 am – 4:04 pm | Nighttime site from 4:04 pm – 4:04 am

Fun content included:

Legend of the PDUnicorn, a fully playable 3 level 2D platformer.

A sleep study survey.

Dream gallery that illustrated real work nightmares submitted by real IT pros.

Daytime/Nighttime music playlists.

Desk-ercises illustrated with Eatons desk toy mascots.

A children’s book, to get those tiny IT pros to sleep faster.

A desk toy hotline, complete with jokes, flattery, and more!

Wacky wallpapers, infographics, tips, etc…

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Legend of the PDUnicorn: 2D Platformer

Three-level platformer game where the player battles winged power surges, malware minions, and blackout sheep to save the legendary PDUnicorns.

Sprinkled in between levels were product familiarity questions.

Secret codes hidden on the hub site allowed players to access an alt avatar character, and unlock high jumping abilities.

P.S. A PDU is a "power distribution unit", and is pretty much a fancy surge protector for data centers.

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IT Sleep & Stress Report

Survey results from a study sent to IT pros to see what was keeping them up after dark.

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