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Tales from the Next Frontier

Client: Eaton

Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide

Role: Associate Creative Director, Design

My fourth year working on the very fun Eaton power quality promotion targeting overworked IT pros in the SMB and Enterprise space.

This year we kept the space theme the client loved and made a series of graphic novels covering solutions for healthcare, education, data centers, enterprise, and small business. As part of the promotion, we updated our previous landing page to highlight the tales and also included new content, while still leveraging last year's game and infographic.

Five Custom-Illustrated Tales

We worked with an illustrator in London to create the artwork (my terrible stick figures below), and then put them into boards and added in copy (written by Zach DeLuca & Brad Mettey).


Getting to the Next Frontier

Updated the landing page to include the game from last year's promotion, and also some new content featuring Eaton's products and services. Secondary pages showcase the tales in a graphic-novel-style reading window, complete with page turn animations and sound effects.


After the tales were done, we (Justine Kashulines, Al Benbow, and myself) blew out paid and organic media assets for desktop, mobile, and social display. Showing just a few below, but we made two banners in five sizes and several social assets for each tale.


And our audience loved them!


And it wouldn't be Eaton without some product-focused infographics! We designed these and made Reddit posts to help promote them.

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